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In our tours across the world we discover ancient cities, picturesque towns, creeks and rivers, mountain ridges, and all of a sudden - hold and behold - the Jewish factor appears…

We have great respect for the Jewish factor, which is becoming an ever growing central aspect of our tours.

Those are the places where our ancestors lived; our culture took form; and our roots stem from.

You are invited to visit those places in person, and meet the Jewish descendants or the different people who are responsible for the renewal of the Jewish experience.

student tours

Sepharad (Spain) for students and youngsters?! 

The program “Sepharad in the Wake of Jewish Legacy” offers students and young people in general a formative onsite life experience.

Students and youngsters enjoy experiential visits to cities such as Toledo, Córdoba, Segovia, Madrid and more, along with educational activities, musical workshops and moving encounters with fascinating people, while - at the same time – discover by themselves the richness of the cultural and philosophical treasures that the great Sephardic Jewry bequeathed to the Jewish people in particular and to the world in general, both then and now.

Come and join this experiential journey of Jewish Sepharad! Discover its cultural treasures right in the places where they were created and explore their relevancy to our present, as Jews and as Israelis.

Given the success of the many delegations which have discovered Jewish Sepharad in recent years, we decided to make the journey a new tradition to be repeated every year.

​Tour to Portugal

​Following the Marranos of Portugal

​Following the Jews of Greece

​Following the Jews of Spain

​Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia


​Tarzone, Todle, Caltude

​A trip that is a gift to life

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